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The #1 Resource for Pharmacy Students and Pharmacists Interested in Going to Medical School


Calling all pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Take your first step with The Physician Pharmacist!

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This Book is Organized into 10 Different Chapters that Focuses on Each Step of the Medical School Application Process.

  • Part One: The Medical School Blueprint

  • Part Two: The Schedule

  • Part Three: The MCAT

  • Part Four: The Primary Application

  • Part Five: The Secondary Application

  • Part Six: The CASPER Exam

  • Part Seven: Osteopathic Schools of Medicine

  • Part Eight: The Interview

  • Part Nine: The Pre/Post-Interview Limbo

  • Part Ten: Holding A Medical School Acceptance

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Cost Estimations For The Application Cycle


  1. Do you have what it takes to get accepted into medical school?

  2. Do you have the correct prerequisites?

  3. How important is the MCAT?

  4. When should you apply and how much planning is required?

  5. Is medical school harder than pharmacy school?

  6. How many shadowing hours do I need?

  7. Do my pharmacy shadowing hours count?

  8. Is my pharmacy GPA different than an undergraduate GPA?

  9. How important is research experience?

  10. Are Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) important?

  11. How to write an update letter and letter of intent?

  12. How many letters of recommendations do you need and how do you ask for them?

  13. Should I consider Pharmacy Residencies as a backup plan?

  14. Should I apply to allopathic medical schools, osteopathic programs or both?

  15. Is taking your pharmacy boards worth it after getting accepted to medical school?

  16. Should I work as a pharmacist during medical school?

  17. Are there financial ramifications to choosing a particular medical specialty?

  18. How to survive the medical school interview process?

  19. What to do if you are placed on a waitlist.

  20. Should you pre-write your primary and secondary applications?

And so much More!

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"Dr. Nathan Gartland has done an outstanding job of distilling down the important information for those considering the continuation of their learning from pharmacy school to medical school. Nathan does a fantastic job of using his own journey to take the reader step by step through the various components of applying to medical school. I've read several self-published books that fall short in terms of quality and that is not the case here! Dr. Gartland put a lot of time and attention into ensuring this resource would be valuable to the reader and assist them with achieving their goal of getting into medical school. Whether you are a pharmacy student or practicing pharmacist considering medical school, let this book help you decide whether that next step is right for you and, if so, what steps you need to take to be successful in your pursuit of the MD!"

― Tim Ulbrich, PharmD
Co-Founder & CEO of Your Financial Pharmacist
Co-Author of Best-Selling Book "Seven Figure Pharmacist"

Meet the Creator of The Physician Pharmacist:

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Nathan M. Gartland, PharmD

Dr. Nathan Gartland is a licensed and practicing pharmacist in New York State, as well as a 4th-year allopathic medical student. After successfully completing the medical school application cycle, Nathan is working to empower other pharmacy students and graduates alike to extend their education beyond the traditional limit.

He is currently interested in pursuing a career in Anesthesiology


Disclaimer: These publications, blog posts, and website content feature personal opinions and do not reflect or support the official opinions or initiatives of The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, or my current employers and /or clients. These publications are also not a substitute for the advice of licensed financial advisors or academic counselors. You as a reader acknowledge that any decision you make involving your professional or academic career are yours and yours alone. The content featured is for informational purposes only. I hope you enjoy!

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