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How to Successfully Apply to Medical School

Applying to medical school has never been more challenging! The qualities of academic excellence that have traditionally qualified applicants for a career in medicine are no longer sufficient to get accepted. As a former member of a Medical School Admission Committee (ADCOM), I have come to know that Medical Schools are far more interested in "holistic" candidates whose applications impress beyond traditional academic skill. Medical Schools want well-rounded students with extensive clinical experience, plenty of clinical or experimental research, empathetic tendencies, and the ability to collaboratively work with a multidisciplinary team. The purpose of these features is to ultimately provide better patient-centered care! Due to these dynamic shifts, Medical Schools have introduced new application tools to assess the quality of an applicant beyond traditional academic proficiency (MCAT, GPAs). Some of these components include the incorporation of The CASPER Exam, SNAPSHOT Pre-Interviews, and The DUET Survey. This course will cover all of these principles and give you all the necessary tools to successfully apply to medical school!

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