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Outside of Medicine

Outside of my daily medical school responsibilities and Physician Pharmacist commitments, I also enjoy learning new skills and getting creative! Check out some of my additional content through the educational platform "Udemy" where I teach students how to
Generate Passive Income or Learn a New Skill!

Amazon KDP for Beginners: How to Generate Passive Income

251 Active Students

Creating a source of PASSIVE INCOME is the key to achieving financial freedom! Successful people generate content or products that continue to make them money even after they have stop working on it. Making money online has never been easier and everything you need is right at your fingertips through Amazon KDP.

If you are looking at this course right now I want to congratulate you on already taking the first steps on your journey towards generating passive income. Even as a medical student I have found ways to generate side income to help supplement my daily living expenses, and SO CAN YOU! This course will teach you how to use FREE resources to create hundreds of income generating books that your future readers will not only buy but enjoy.

WIX Website Creation From Scratch: Beginners Guide

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