The Physician Pharmacist Podcast - PharmD to MD


In the 7th Episode of The Physician Pharmacist Podcast Miniseries, we met with Dr. Steven Berk, who has practiced as an Internal Medicine Physician for over 25 years! He has had a prolific career in healthcare that which he attributes much of his success to his strong pharmacy roots! Join us as we reflect on what it takes to find fulfillment in a career in pharmacy and medicine alike. In today’s show, we cover many different milestones along the pharmacy to physician journey. We had the opportunity to wholesomely investigate the life of a pharmacy graduate, appreciate the lessons learned from pharmacy residency and fellowship training. Additionally, take a glimpse at a career in pharmacy academia, and lastly to explore the rationale for transitioning into medicine!


In Episode 6 of The Physician Pharmacist Podcast, we talk with Dr. Brandon J. Smith, who is a newly appointed Infectious Disease Attending Physician. I had the amazing opportunity to hear about Dr. Smith's personal journey into medicine all while receiving fellowship training during the COVID-19 Pandemic! Topics covered; applying to medical school as a pharmacy applicant, considerations for pharmacy residencies, life as a medical resident, life as an infectious disease fellow, and living the life as an attending in the era of COVID-19.


Join today's show as I chat with Dr. Thomas Melvin, who is a Chief General Surgery Resident at a large academic hospital! Find out just how important his pharmacy education has been to becoming a top surgeon! In today’s show, we had the opportunity to discuss his medical school experience, but primarily focused on what it takes to survive the rigors of surgical residency training. Topics include; resident lifestyle, balancing work and personal time, a brief overview of general surgery, as well as the USMLE STEP 3 exam, advanced surgical fellowship training, and lastly, life as an attending!


Join today's discussion with Dr. Tim Ulbrich, as we talk about the finances of pharmacy and medicine! Did you know that the #1 barrier for going to medical school for most pharmacy graduates is related to financial concerns? Listen in as we address these valid concerns and uncover ways to maximize your financial wellness as a pharmacist and future physician! Topics covered include general personal finance recommendations, how to handle pharmacy debt along with medical school debt, the benefits of physician loans, and how to achieve financial wellness!


Join us in today's show where I talk with Dr. Tess Calcagno as she reflects on her experiences in medical school and analyzes the parallels to her prior pharmacy education! In today’s show, we will cover topics related to applying to medical school, international medical care, a recap of an entire year of 3rd year medical rotations (including surgery), introduce USMLE STEP 2, and finish up with Medical Residency applications!


Have you ever wondered what the life of a Second Year Medical School Student is like? Check out today's show to find out! Topics covered include basic medical school application recommendations, an in-depth look at what Osteopathic Medical school is like, the importance of conducting research, an introduction of the national medical boards (USMLE STEP 1), and finishing up with expectations for clinical rotations!


Have you ever considered a career in medicine after pharmacy? Join us today to explore what the first year of medical school is like and how it compares to pharmacy! In today’s show, we will cover topics related to application logistics, basic MCAT principles, application timing, applying to pharmacy residencies, tackling pharmacy boards, adjusting to the medical school life, and reflections on a career in medicine!

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