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Podcast Interviews From Prominent Members of the Pharmacy Community and Podcasting World!

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Brian is a practicing clinical informatics pharmacist and digital business owner. Brian hopes to pioneer and advance the field of infectious disease informatics and promote the interoperability of data in healthcare. 

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Tony is prominent member of the pharmacy community and has gained substantial notoriety from his "Pharmacy Residency Podcast." He interviews successful pharmacy professionals and provides expert advise for pharmacy residency applicants.


Check out out first featured interview in Episode 414. A part of The Pharmacy Podcast Network!

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Chris is  licensed pharmacist and Co-Founder of Uptown Creations which serves as a Business Developer and Marketing Company. He is an established entrepreneur and in the process built a prominent LinkedIn following! 


Host of For The Nation Podcast, Mike is a passionate life-long learner who created the show to share unique stories of how people found fulfillment and success in life. The Podcast is a platform for listener's to elevate their understanding of what they're capable of and challenge them to learn something new every day!

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