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Now Offering Personalized Application Reviews!

Due to popular demand,
The Physician Pharmacist Now Offers Formal Application Reviews!

Partial  AMCAS/AACOMAS Review
(Select One of the Below)

  • Personal Statement Review with Edits

  • Work Activities Review

  • 1 hour meeting to answer any questions and address application plans

  • 3 Secondary Prompt Reviews with Edit


Complete AMCAS/AACOMAS Review

  • Personal Statement Review with Edits

  • Work Activities Review

  • 1-on-1 Meeting to Answer Questions and address application plans (1-2 hours)

  • 3 Secondary Prompt Reviews with Edits


Please Allow 7 Business Days for Processing and Editing.
Expedited Reviews (~1-2 days Turnaround) Adds
$30 to the Order.

1. Your order will be processed once your Venmo deposit has been received.
Please Send the Requested Funds to My Personal Venmo Account

For Partial Reviews, List the Item You Want
Reviewed in the Payment Description

2. Subsequently Send Your Word Document or Share Your Google Document to "

I Look Forward to Working With You!

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Disclaimer: I absolve myself from any liability regarding your personal application review outcomes. All edits and corrections are based on my personal opinions and practical experience regarding the matter. I am not a professional editor so please take all of my suggestions as suggestions alone. By accepting to participate in this editing transaction process, the user (yourself), acknowledges that they are solely responsible for the outcomes of your application regardless of using or not using my recommendations! While I cannot guarantee that you will receive a medical school acceptance, I am confident that my input will help improve your work. I will do my best to provide excellent service and advice. If you are not satisfied with the results of the editing process please let me know and we can discuss your concerns and the potential for a return of funds!

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